About Us

Beavr Labs came to life out of our genuine love for crafting products. There's a special kind of excitement in taking a concept and turning it into something real that customers use on a regular basis. It’s a high like no other, and we've been chasing it since 2019.

Since our inception, we have been on a relentless pursuit of two core principles that fuel our passion:

  1. Attract and cultivate one-in-a-generation product builders.

  2. We win only when our clients win.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers who love building products with backgrounds from Facebook, Instagram, Robinhood, Shopify, Twitch and more. Now, we help companies go 0 to 1.

The Search for Extraordinary Product Builders

📣 Many consultancies chase short-term gains, offering low rates and burning out their talent in the process. They often settle for junior engineers who take significantly longer to deliver subpar results.

At Beavr Labs, we defy this trend. Our team is composed of professionals who aren't just coding experts, but are product-minded visionaries. Every team member could just as easily be the founder of their own startup; that’s how crucial “founder-fire” is to us. It’s a quality we believe is both irreplaceable and unteachable.

A Haven for Innovators

Large organizations often stifle the entrepreneurial spirit, but we’ve built our culture to be an oasis for creative minds. We empower each team member toward:

  • Mastery: Strive to be the best in the world at what they do.

  • Autonomy: Enjoy the freedom to select tasks that align with their skills and passion.

  • Purpose: Commit to projects that serve a greater good, beyond just the bottom line.

When Our Clients Succeed, We Succeed

📣 The digital product landscape is littered with casualties: 90% of SaaS companies fail, and only 4% ever turn a profit.

Navigating this tricky terrain requires more than just technical skill; it demands unwavering focus and an acute attention to detail. That's why we treat every client project as if it were our own.

Long-Term Vision, Long-Term Relationships

We're not in the business of taking on small, one-off projects that don’t align with our ethos. Instead, we build enduring partnerships based on shared goals and mutual growth. Our success is directly proportional to the success of our clients; we believe in making long-term plays with long-term people.

By focusing on these principles, Beavr Labs aims to revolutionize the consulting industry and create a better, more fulfilling work environment for extraordinary product builders. Together, we're building tomorrow’s digital world. Welcome to the future, and welcome to Beavr Labs.

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Howdy, my name is Abhi. I’m a freelance software engineer. I love to tinker and build! You’ll often find me working on passion projects, at the gym 💪, or travelling 🌎